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OER and NOLO: Home

Did You Know? As of Spring 2023, More than 70% of NCC's English and Math class sections have adopted free OER textbooks, making NCC even more affordable for our students!


NOLOs and OERs: What's the difference?

NOLO course = course with required materials (excluding equipment or fees) priced between $0 and $50 (no- and low-cost)

OER = Open Educational Resources = free and openly-licensed. Some NOLO courses use OERs.

Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) course = a course using OER or one that has no required texts


NOLO courses are searchable in SIS and the online course schedule!


The second page of this guide shows OERs that have been adopted by NCC instructors as of December 2022. This information is subject to change.

Attribution according to CC Licenses


Do you know how to attribute the Creative Commons openly-licensed OER resources you use? The license usually requires attribution for use or remixing.

Sources of OER Information


This group meets monthly to promote the use of no- and low-cost resources in NCC courses, to support faculty in learning about OER/NOLO, to track the adoption of these resources and to network. For more information, contact Library Director Fran Keenan.

Members as of March 2023:

  • Caitrin Brisson
  • Diane Fallier
  • Robyn Griswold
  • Jennifer Tripp
  • Ann Healy
  • Debra Costa-Nino
  • Betsy Gamrat
  • Fran Keenan
  • Colette Pouliot (Follett bookstore)

This 2021 slide show explains OERs and NOLOs.

NCC Library Resources

The NCC library's online resources are licensed to NCC for a fee and therefore are not OERs. They can be used as NoLo content in your Canvas courses.

A few ways you can use licensed library content:

  • Search in one of our databases and then link to an article.
  • Find an ebook and link to one chapter.
  • Assign students to search for resources.

We know you're busy! Want some help?

Contact Library Director Fran Keenan for help in finding and linking to library and other NOLO content or for help finding OER (free and openly-licensed) materials.

The library adds all NCC OERs to the NH Open OER Commons Hub which features OER texts in use at CCSNH and USNH colleges. If you know of an OER used at NCC that we missed, please email Fran Keenan or Troy Nikander at