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Welcome! You can contact the NCC librarian or drop in to see a writing tutor for help with citing your sources.

Good News: Ready-made Citations

Most of the NCC Library's online databases, as well as its eBook collections, provide you with ready-made citations (MLA or APA). Cut and paste them into your document. Check citation formatting in Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) and add in-text citations, too.

No Question too Small!

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Citation is how you give credit to the people whose words, ideas or images you have used in your work. By citing sources, you create a trail for others to follow from your writing to your sources.


Please check with your NCC instructor to verify which style you should use. MLA style (from the Modern Language Association) or  APA style (from the American Psychological Association)


In both APA and MLA styles, you cite your sources two times: 

1.) in the text of the paper (in-text citation) and

2.) at the end (on the Works Cited or References pages.)



Citation information in Spanish from our neighbors at Northern Essex Community College.


Online Writing Labs (OWLS)

The Purdue OWL See sections about APA and MLA styles. Excelsior College OWL is another good source.