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Research in Psychology


We created this library guide for NCC psychology students. It has information about searching in library resources for course assignments, citing sources in APA style and getting writing support from NCC tutors. If you are in a psychology class, please bookmark this page to have it handy.


  • Start exploring the library's resources with NCC OneSearch. With this tool, you will search across many things at once-- all of the library's databases, ebooks and print books. Then, you can use limiters to fine tune your results.
  • If you want to start by looking at fewer (potentially more focused) results, choose a single database or eBook below. You can even search inside an eBook.

Library Information Sources

These databases contain articles from publications including peer-reviewed or academic journals.


The ebooks on the NCC library website ARE scholarly publications. Because ebooks are not peer-reviewed, however, ebooks will only show in your search if you DO NOT limit your results to peer-reviewed.

Browse through issues of Time magazine to find articles that mention research studies.

Writing Tips