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ChatGPT and AI

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By now, you've probably heard the buzz about ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence technology that just made the cover of Time magazine (February 27, 2023). According to its creators, "ChatGPT is an AI system...that is trained to interact in a conversational way." Microsoft has invested billions in it. Google is racing to compete, incorporating AI into its search engine. Many other generative AI products are in development. What is it?

  • generative AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot backed by Microsoft
  • creates text by analyzing patterns in large language models and predicting likely words
  • can produce proposals, scripts, equations, coding, lesson plans, essays
  • owned by a for-profit but free for now
  • the biggest tech development since social media?
  • a new way for students to cheat? a new way for faculty to teach?

Empowering Educators with AI Tools

Mini Summit: AI x Higher Ed, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ChatGPT

Arizona State University's ShapingEDU initiative hosted a mini-summit on Zoom in May 2023. Watch the event recording or review the slides.

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