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ChatGPT and AI

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ChatGPT is already being discussed and written about in NCC English and ethics courses. Is any use ethical? Brainstorming writing topics? An English language learner asking the technology to explain a concept? Asking ChatGPT to create an outline. Where do we draw the lines?

What They Are Saying About ChatGPT

Generative AI can be a tool for short-changing learning and getting a passable grade on an assignment. So can Wikipedia, pasting in answers from a digital text, and copying from a peer. Generative AI is also a tool for learning, as anyone who gets into the tool and starts inputting queries and studying the output knows. Your synapses are firing as you write and read the rapidly generated text. It’s fun and you’re likely wide awake, judging, speculating, disagreeing, agreeing, and doing all those things that happen when an engaged reader encounters text.

from Practical Responses to ChatGPT and other Generative AI from Montclair State University's Office for Faculty Excellence


It’s not enough to simply tell students they shouldn’t use ChatGPT. Help them understand the scope of what it can do and what its limitations are. Again, the landscape is changing and our students will need to contend with how these technologies impact their future jobs and careers. Take some time to familiarize yourself with how ChatGPT deals with your specific discipline and domains of knowledge and then build discussion/assignments about this into the curriculum.

from The Intersection of AI and Pedagogy from Plymouth State U's Open Learning and Teaching Collaborative (January 2023)


Science, similar to many other domains of society, now faces a reckoning induced by AI technology infringing on its most dearly held values, practices and standards. The focus should be on embracing the opportunity and managing the risks.

from ChatGPT: Five Priorities for Research from the journal Nature about the ramifications of ChatGPT for scientific publishing (February 2023).


Each institution will address these gaps in a way and on a timeline that makes sense for their educators and students. We do however caution taking punitive measures against students for using these technologies if proper expectations are not set ahead of time for what users are or are not allowed.

from Educator Considerations for ChatGPT from Open AI, the company developing ChatGPT, in consultation with a group of educators. (no date)