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Faculty Guide to Library Resources



The NCC Library is proud to support teaching and learning at the college.

Please Refer Students to Tutoring

NCC's Tutoring and Writing Center is located in the library and managed by library staff. Please refer your students to NCC tutoring services -- in-person and online!

In-person tutoring for writing and math

happens in the library starting the second week of the term. Most tutors are NCC faculty. Please find schedule on the library’s tutoring information page

In-person accounting and science tutoring

happens in faculty offices or labs. Please find schedule on the library’s tutoring information page

Online video and chat tutoring (covering most subjects)

is handled by Brainfuse and can be accessed from inside each course in Canvas. The link—24/7 Tutoring--is on the left-side menu by default.


For information on assigning online Brainfuse tutoring to individual students or to an entire class, see video below or contact Fran Keenan.


This video demo of Brainfuse covers both student and faculty use of online tutoring. Faculty can assign Brainfuse tutoring. Note: The information for faculty about assigning tutoring lasts 15 minutes and starts at the 38:09 minute mark.

Hint: You can adjust the playback speed on YouTube videos. Click on Settings gear icon. I set this one at .75 speed because the presenter speaks so quickly!

Request Library/Research Instruction

NCC's librarian can come to your classroom to show students how to access online library resources for research papers and assignments. Please submit this form at least one week before you would like her to visit and please provide her with a copy of the assignment so she can tailor her instruction. Email Fran Keenan for more information.

eBooks are Scholarly Resources!

Most NCC eBooks are from academic publishers and qualify as scholarly resources. The vast majority of NCC's library's books -- 86% -- are now eBooks. To see what's available, browse the collection. To search for a book on specific topic search all ebooks at the same time in NCC Library OneSearch on library homepage. (Choose eBooks tab).

To use an eBook -- in whole or in part--in Canvas, cut and paste the "Permalink" into the course. Contact the NCC Librarian for assistance.