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Getting Started with Research: Welcome

NCC Library Online Academic Sources

Our library gives you access to online academic sources (publications) such as:

These sources and many others are collected in library databases.

NCC OneSearch on the library homepage lets you search many databases at the same time.

More Online Resources - Websites and Digital Collections

Websites created by organizations, universities and the government can provide other credible information. You can find these pretty easily on Google although please evaluate the source for credibility and bias!

The library staff can help you find specialized digital collections including archives and primary sources. These are on the internet but not in library databases.

Ask your instructor to specify if they expect you to use only certain sources or a mix of sources.

Get Help from the library and from tutors

NCC Librarian Fran Keenan would love to help you with research strategies and finding resources. 

NCC writing tutors can help you focus your writing.

Please reach out by email, chat or in person.

Prepare for Searching

You are not writing a report -- you are researching something and adding your analysis. You therefore need more than just a topic. Keep thinking. What about the issue? What do you wonder about that doesn't have an easy answer? (An easy answer, for instance, can be found quickly on Google.) Perhaps people disagree about the issue or its causes and effects.

Research a question--not just a topic by itself. Look at these examples:

Sample research questions

TIP: If you develop a research question before you start searching in books or databases, your research will be more focused. Watch the 3-minute video on this page for an explanation.

Finding a Great Research Question (2:58)