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Ebooks are scholarly, too!

Most NCC Library eBooks are scholarly. They are another source of research!

Academic or Scholarly Journals

Q. So what are academic, scholarly or peer-reviewed journals or articles and why have you been asked to find them?

A. Academic journals are published, first of all, for scholars--like you--and specialists. Journals feature the newest research and analysis and getting published in one is a mark of academic excellence. Many journals are peer-reviewed to assure quality and relevance. Here's a detailed explanation from the National Linrary of Medicine (NLM).

Note: Publishers usually do not make journals available via Google so the library databases are your best bet.

Many of the library's article databases include research articles. In this list, the first two databases are multidisciplinary and the last two are specialized subject databases.


Searching for peer-reviewed research articles for your assignment?  See the Articles tab on the NCC Library OneSearch box. Limit search to only scholarly, peer-reviewed content in the Advanced Search view or choose the peer review filter after you run a search.

Want help? Contact the library by email, phone or chat.

What Are Scholarly Articles? (2:29)

How do you know if an article is academic or scholarly? Watch this short video (2:29) for some tips.

How to Analyze Scholarly Articles (3:49)

Save yourself time when you read. Watch this 4-minute video to learn how!