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A library database is a searchable collection of publications including academic or scholarly journals, e-Books, newspapers and magazines.

Do we have access?

Does the NCC Library have access? See which publications -- journals, newspapers, magazines -- are available online from the library. If you can't find something, contact us.

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Where To Search

Information is available in many formats such as eBooks, print books, journals, photographs, newspapers, videos and websites. No format is inherently superior to another--it depends what you are looking for and what your instructor has specified. Search all formats at the same time using NCC Library OneSearch.

Here are some formats you will encounter on this library site:


98% of the library's books are eBooks--most are from academic publishers and are considered scholarly resources. To look at what's available, browse the collection. To search for a book on specific topic search all ebooks at the same time in NCC Library OneSearch on library homepage. (Choose eBooks tab).



Explore collections of articles from ejournals, newspapers and reports. Search many databases at the same time in NCC Library OneSearch. (Choose Articles tab).

Some of these articles are scholarly or peer-reviewed. See how to find scholarly articles.


Look in the library catalog to find physical books from our library shelves. The newest print books are displayed on the catalog homepage and in the library. Borrow books for three weeks. Renewals are easy!





Instead of searching by format, search by type of information:

Before you jump into searching in databases, think about what kind of information you are looking for. Maybe you only need to look for journal articles or news stories or psychology studies. If you're not sure, search everything and then fine tune your results.


Read more about sources.

See NCC Library Guides for information about research, citation and services.



Digital Magazines

Browse the full collection of magazine titles

Click on the cover of a digital magazine to open it. ^